Vitamin and mineral supplements to give you strength. Beat fatigue and natural energy. Energy drinks.

Muscle, Joint & Arthritic Pain

Relax Joint, Pain and Muscle Aches with our vitamins and supplements.

Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

Lower bad cholesterol, Lower LDL raise HDL. Lower high blood pressure. Maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

Weight Control

Complete dietary supplements to aid in weight loss. Water weight reduction. Block cortisol.

Strength, Energy and Mind

Vitamin and mineral supplements to give you strength. Beat fatigue and natural energy. Energy drinks.

Vitamins and Natural Supplements

Welcome to the Labs! For nearly 40 years we have been the source of high quality, effective and proven vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements. We have products and sets for several conditions and goals including high cholesterol, blood pressure, weight control, and low energy. If you have any questions please feel free to call our 800 number day or night. Go ahead and take an additional step to a healthy and balanced lifestyle!

Easy to Shop for Vitamins and Supplements

Shop online to get your natural vitamins and supplements. Or if you prefer, stop by one of our several locations in California or Texas. Additionally you may order by calling 1(800)266-2501. We look forward to seeing you! Selling vitamin supplements and natural products as an alternative to GNC, Puritan and iHerb.

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All our products are made in the USA
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